Now That You're Leopard Concious, How Can You Help?

If There is a Recovery Plan in Place, Why Do They Still Need Help?

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The Amur Leopard recovery plan is very well thought out and seems as if it could be easily implemented; however, there is one major problem: funding. Everything that the ALTA organization, along with other groups, are doing is incredible, however they need lots of funding in order to turn a dream into a reality. These Amur Leopards and their families have a bigger chance of being killed off as each day passes making it even more important that these steps to save them are enforced with the utmost power.


What Can You Do to Help?

Can you picture your neighborhood being destroyed, barely having enough food to feed your family, or possibly having your family members killed? These are things threatening the helpless Amur Leopard that are sadly due to humans. We are all equally responsible for these terrible, but hopefully reversible actions. Luckily, there are plenty of places to donate your time and money to help these grateful creatures.

You can donate by visiting some of these websites where every penny is appreciated and needed:

If you are more interested in working to fight toward a broader goal that would benefit the surrounding environment, it would be beneficial to support any groups that are working to save the habitat of the Amur leopard. This will not only benefit other animals, but it will also help the Amur leopard immensely.

Figure 31

Supporting lobbying for improved conservation policies and regulations, would also help the fight to save the leopards. (Squidoo, 2001) On the ALTA website there is also a list of NGOs that support the Amur Leopard and they offer either volunteer work or gladly accept donations. Every penny counts in this quest to save the Amur Leopards from extinction and to help them ultimately achieve a self-sustaining population.

Another simple way to help fight for Amur Leopard survival is to spread the word to anyone willing, or even to the unwilling, about the struggles of the Amur Leopard. If people were educated about what is going on to the Amur leopard they would be more likely to help and maybe somehow influence others to stop harming the animal if they are in any way. You can easily share your passion with family, friends, and neighbors so eventually the whole world will become aware of the drastic measures needed to save the extraordinary Far East Leopard.







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